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Love at first sight? Soulmate?
Who believes in this?

Anyone care to explain?
This must be a mystery!Angel
some people in their time of life finds their soulmate .. but some people in life will never find their soulmate ... if u do .. ur one of the lucky ones ....

I use to believe in love at first sight ... but as you get older .. u realise that sometime its just a fairy story .... if u have love at first sight ... ur looking at apperance ... until u get to know that person, can u really like or love them?
not really its not a fairy tale. its only a fairytale if you want it to be a fairytale.
you can look look all you want, and maybe its wont show up. but as the saying goes love have a mysterious ways of showing up when you least expect it =) so look both way left right, upclose it might be the least favouite person u like and maybe you dont know, you might haVE a furture with them....
Love at first sight, yeah i do agreed with it and i know most people don't believe in this theory until or unless someone came in their life and they realized yes this is true. Here is a very simple example for everyones and i am sure you guys will agree with it.

[Image: Love_At_First_Sight_Quotes7.jpg]
grand canyon to los angeles for adventure lovers Only  Tongue
when this thought comes in your mind at first sight!!

[Image: love-at-first-sight-quotes-love-at-first...00x300.jpg]

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