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  Acchi Kocchi 02: “You’re to be feared, Io-san.”
Posted by: naruto-shippuuden88 - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Anime Entertainment News - No Replies

Dat Otonashi Io.

I didn’t think I’d see the day a male character from a non-Yaoi series could mess with my feels so, but Io comes real close, the charming bastard.

This screencap is just begging to be used in a caption contest.

“It’s so big!”
“It’s so small!”
“There’s… there’s nothing there!”

Shee-it, iz dat sum Yagami Light action?

oh god

oh god

Mayoi has the larger bust, but this is just more proof that bust size isn’t everything.

In fact, I don’t even know why she’s in this scene at all. All she does is detract from Tsumiki’s screen appearance.


Holy focking shit, Io.

I can’t believe that Io’s a middle-schooler (at least they all seem to be of middle-school age). Most middle-schoolers are only beginning to grasp the concept of multisyllabic speech, and here Io is casually spouting lines of the highest calibre of shameless flattery.

I can’t be the only who thinks that Mortal Kombat ought to have Nosebleed Fatalities.

Mileena exposing her gaping maw, then blushing and whispering, “Please be gentle, it’s my first time…”


Attack their weak spots for massive damage!

I imagine that the onscreen blood volume of Acchi Kocchi is going to completely outperform that of the Kill Bill series sooner or later. It is inevitable.

I don’t know if this was in the original manga, but someone must really love Street Fighter.


Were we honestly expecting any other answer?

Tsumiki’s and Hime’s bone marrow must be working overtime to replenish all that blood they must be exhaling on a daily basis.

… good thing I used the word “exhale” and not some mere synonym for “spurt”, yes?

Yeah Mayoi, there are just as many applications for chocolate as there are for ribbons.

Gawd dayum.

This shit ain’t right, yo. This kind of thing ought to be classified as a weapon of mass destruction and be subjected to severe scrutiny by a UN inspectors. I’m volunteering to join the team, of course.

Also I would have made a stitch if the focking scale didn’t keep changing during the camera pan. CURSE YOU AIC WHY DO YOU DEPRIVE ME OF MY TSUMIKI FULL-BODY FANSERVICE

For all her faults, Mayoi can always be counted on to deliver Tsumiki fanservice.

You a’ight, Mayoi. RIGHTEOUS BROFIST

Io’s practically the goddamn Batman.

We all know how Tsumiki’s physical abilities are comparable to that of Captain America’s (well if not this episode then it’s quite obvious in the next), and she may be tense and all, but she’s still on the lookout for Io.

And Io can still surprise her from behind. And the best part is that there’s no reason whatsoever to approach from that direction. That’s the exterior of the train station, and there’s a freakin’ tree and shrubbery in the way!

That first-name basis and associated social connotations get you every time.

I think my heart’s starting to develop palpitations in rhythm with each one of Tsumiki’s stutters. Acchi Kocchi needs more Surgeon General’s Warnings than most illicit substances.

Oblivious Io is indeed oblivious.

I bet Tsumiki needed a full Super Combo Gauge just to pull this off.

… I think I’ve made enough references to fighting games for one post.

A raging demon happened. A raging demon of love.


I mean, the courting is sweet and all, but I can’t wait for to develop diabetes from the unadulterated sweetness of Tsumiki and Io in a relationship.

… and then we find out that Acchi Kocchi is actually Psychological/Horror, when the two of them break up and break down, with Io wastes away as an addict and Tsumiki finds herself on the stereotypical break-the-cute-girl’s-mind tragic ending.

-tries to whistle but can’t actually whistle-

Gawd dammit Io stop saying these suggestive lines where the hell do you even get these lines from.

Mayoi is a focking genius.



I am still trying to figure out why Tsumiki didn’t just start sucking on Io’s finger.

Broadcasting restrictions, probably, but the alternative hypothesis is that all the blood in her head from the blushing could have temporarily froze all motor functions.


Shit, Io needs a UN inspection of his own. And I’m sorely tempted to volunteer for this duty, too.

How are you still alive, Tsumiki. Look at what Io does to your body. Look at what he makes you give.

Posted on Sun, 22 Apr 2012 12:29:39 +0000 at http://www.thatanimeblog.com/index.php/2...ed-io-san/
Comments: http://www.thatanimeblog.com/index.php/2.../#comments

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  JohnnyYandere’s Spring 2012 Sasagaki
Posted by: naruto-shippuuden88 - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Anime Entertainment News - No Replies


Once again I shall rank my picks based on entertainment value:

1) Rather-crawl-through-a-mile-of-barbed-wire
2) As-absorbing-as-the-average-screensaver
3) Would-distract-me-from-Youtube
4) Possibly-critically-acclaimed-but-not-my-cup-of-tea
5) New-episode-puts-smile-on-my-face
6) Refreshing-all-day-every-day-platinum-hype

Generally, 1) & 2) are anime that I’ve dropped, 3) is anime I’d watch if I had nothing else, and 5) & 6) should be obvious.

You might notice the new category 4). It’s there for the same reason why I don’t watch films like Grave of the Fireflies, among other things i.e. I recognize it’s a good show, but really I don’t want to spend my life thinking hard questions all the time.

Ikimashou, ne?


Medaka Box

To be honest, Medaka Box isn’t so bad to the extent that I’d rather go through strenuous physical activity than watch it (although I have been exercising rather much lately), but I can’t get over how bad my initial impressions of the anime was.

Maybe it was because I had such high expectations, maybe it was because of the way my high expectations were swiftly crushed, maybe it was the hype that persisted despite the blindingly obvious fact of how mediocre Medaka Box is – but the end result is that I can’t think of it without getting this bitter, horseradishy taste in my mouth. Admittedly the hype didn’t last a week, so I’m just really biased here.

That and of all the anime in this category, it’s the only one that I watched, and I needed a screencap, so Medaka Box gets the dubious honour of starting off my list.

Saint Seiya Omega
Kuroko no Basuke
Eureka 7 AO
Phi Brain
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia
Kimi to Boku 2

I watched a bit of Phi Brain S1 for the novelty, but that paled fast. And parts of Eureka 7 AO didn’t seem that bad, but since I can’t get an acceptable source I’m dropping it. I did watch Kimi to Boku for most of S1, but it was too tiresome, in the end.

So yes, the reason why they’re in this category is because they didn’t even appeal to me enough to watch the first episode – regardless of how good they may turn out to be. Apologies to Nadia fans.


Ginga e Kickoff

For better or worse, I can never look at a soccer anime again and not be reminded of the abject trashheap that is Area no Kishi. It certainly doesn’t help that I can’t stand soccer in the first place.

It’s not that I hate sports anime (just a significant majority). But when a major plot device requires me to not just engage in a willing suspension of disbelief but also a great big fock-you to how biology works, that’s simply it.

To its credit, Ginga e Kickoff is no Area no Kishi (at least, there were no violations of Bio 101 within the first episode). And it doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it’s still a sports anime that isn’t Prince of Tennis and I doubt it’ll ever come close. And that name just makes me want to stab my eyes with a rotted chopstick.

Sengoku Collection

As I watched Sengoku Collection, I kept being reminded of Kannagi. But not in a good way. More along the lines of “hey, Kannagi did that, but better”.

I guess I expected more from this than the typical “insert strange girl in unfamiliar surroundings, hilarity ensues” trope, because Sengoku Collection really doesn’t aspire to more than that. Heck, I’ve seen a hentai with a similar theme and it had better plot development.

Episode 2 onwards seems to be “like idolm@ster, but worse”, so that’s the end of that.

Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan-

This is an interesting case study. Decent animation, decent character art, possibly decent characterizations. But in the end result is just mediocrity.

It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just there. This is what uninformed Japanese think anime is – generic cartoon characters doing generic things. This is what other anime shows would put on the television screens within the show for filler.

There’s no effort made to stylize anything. No interesting camera pans or scene shifts or form of direction whatsoever. It’s quite possibly the most boring harem anime I’ve ever seen.

Natsuiro Kiseki

Maybe it was the more blatant than usual self-advertising that got to me. A main character’s morning alarm being a SPHERE song? Such subtlety!

Maybe it was the moment I realized Toyosaki Aki’s character didn’t resemble Toyosaki Aki, or even Hirasawa Yui at all.

Maybe it was the scene of the 4 girls flying into the air, loftily remaining airborne through the magical power of a giant wishing boulder.

Nope, can’t bear to keep watching this any longer. Take some notes from idolm@ster, m’dears.

Yurumates 3D

It’s not really all that bad. It helps that episodes are only 3 minutes each.

But it’s not good enough for me to go through the trouble of watching it. Yes, not even for 3 minutes. I am spectacularly lazy, and one champion of a procrastinator, but Yurumates 3D just isn’t good enough.

Oh, and then there’s


Technically, it ought to be in the Possibly-critically-acclaimed-but-not-my-cup-of-tea category. But the fanboys can’t seem to stop bugging me about it. So I’m putting it here, mostly because I’m a vindictive arse ;D


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD

It’s the same Kore wa Zombie that I liked, although the crossdressing has been flogged to death. It’s probably about time they consider another source of humour before the whole thing turns stale.

As it is though, the Fantasy Eu segments are always a pleasure, and I like the depiction of social phenomenon like the rapid deployment of camera phones and seamless integration with the keyboard warriors.

But I can’t help but wish that less attention would be spent on exploring the various combinations of magical girl/necromancer/zombie/ninja and to just build up the existing cast. Quality over quantity.

Hiiro no Kakera

I like to think of this as Chihayafuru crossed with Natsume Yuujinchou, minus the Karuta, plus a whole new otome game sidequest unlocked. The female lead shares personality traits with Chihaya, the main plot revolves about Youkai, and otome game bit is self-explanatory.

Right now though, I can’t quite tell where Hiiro no Kakera is going. The guys have quite a bromance thing going on, rather keeping to themselves than paying attention to the female lead – so I don’t know if this is going to have Yaoi implications or a simple straightup reverse harem conclusion.

Either way, the males are interesting, and while I can’t say I like how there simply must be a bunch of villains to oppose the main group (even if it’s for a “love redeems” additional romance route), it’s definitely watchable.

Accel World

My single greatest gripe about Accel World is that it’s almost condescendingly pandering to the otaku base.

Lonely, bullied, ugly male character manages to not just excel in the digital world, but snags a hot real life girlfriend in the process? I’m guessing here, but it seems pretty evident that that’s how the story ends. It’s fantasy fulfilment. It’s quite essentially, a self-insertion fanfic.

But it is a very well done fanfic, and I guess you could also say that Accel World defies the status quo of needing to be a hot male to get a girlfriend. Or something. Genshiken would probably like to have a word with me.

Saki: Achiga-hen episode of Side-A

Two episodes and no sign of any probability-bending mahjong goodness. I have been deceived!

But even though I’d rather be following the characters of the main story (especially Yurilicious Kajiki Yumi and Tōyoko Momoko), it’s still Saki, so those mahjong powers are bound to appear sooner or later.

That and I’ve found a new interesting character to follow: Sagimori Arata-chan. There’s quite a bit of the lolicon in me.



It’s fresh, it’s dynamic, it’s to fishing what Kaiji is to gambling.

Strike out that last one. For all the dialogue and attention given to fishing, the actual fishing itself wasn’t great. I expected an art shift, perhaps a sudden increase in animation quality, but all I got was perhaps a 30 second segment of lesser animation and an even more disappointing denouement.

But it’s something new. Maybe a bit too similar in art style to last season’s Symphogear, but it’s still worthy of note simply because it’s a step off the beaten path.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

From what I hear, the story gets really good later on. And I can respect that.

But for now, the mysteries aren’t really that engaging, the fanservice seems tacked on, and I can’t bring myself to like any of the characters.

Plus, there’s a better mystery anime airing this season, so why settle for less?

Nazo no Kanojo X

This anime made me realize that I’m a much greater art-style-whore than I admit to.

Because I really can’t get around the art. Which is strange, because I had no problems with Cooking Master Boy. Maybe it’s because Nazo no Kanojo X employs fanservice, and I can’t think of it as fanservice if it’s not done in a more modern art style.

Maybe it’s deliberate, so that a viewer is filled with a sense of unease at the old school art of the conservative era mixed with the bizarre fetishes of the new (then again, it was the 1980s that produced Akira and other mindscrew).

Ultimately, I can’t bring myself to enjoy it, but I guess there are people who do.

Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

Another interesting case study. If I was watching this at any other time in my life, I’d probably enjoy it.

However, the last thing I need is a slice-of-life that is all too realistic and pertinent to my own life. Being outdone by my siblings, the fear of not getting a good job, lost childhood dreams.

I can’t deny that it’s good stuff. Humour, direction, art, everything. And it’s very likely that Uchuu Kyoudai is meant to be inspirational, that the first episode is just setting the scene for the grand climax.

But even knowing that, watching this fills me with discomfort. Some other time.



This is the anime that gave us the following quote.

“The gun’s stock of kind of like her butt – The FNC has a skeleton stock. So that’s why she wears a thong.


This was the anime that I originally intended to blog. But I changed my mind for the same reason an otaku friend stopped reading the manga.

The story can’t decide what atmosphere it wants. My friend was interested in it because the manga started out dire and dark. Then he dropped it after it became slapstick.

The anime started out slapstick, and obviously the dark parts became massive mood whiplash. It annoys me. It it possible for comedy to suit itself to dark situations. It’s called black humour. But the writers for Sankarea apparently only know nothing beyond the one subgenre of humour.

That said, it’s not all bad. I’ll be watching it, just with diminished expectations.


Still going strong. I keep thinking that the anime is a very long RPG in-game cinematic. Every now and then I wonder why the main characters aren’t level grinding or looking for rare drops.

Folktales from Japan

One of my guilty pleasures of the season. I like mythology, and Japanese mythology is no exception.

From the narrator going “Mukashi mukashi” at the start of each tale, to the direct unembellished exposition, Folktales is a work of simplicity that hearkens back to the fairy tales of childhood.


The story is kind of a mess at the moment, but Jormungand isn’t driven by the story. It’s driven by the characters, especially Koko Hekmatyar.

I daresay Itou Shizuka could let loose a bit more, but it’s enough of a pleasure to watch Koko throwing figurative spanners in figurative machinery everywhere she goes.

Some GITS: Stand Alone Complex vibes from the action sequences, which is always a good thing.

I don’t see why Jonah gets so much hate though. He’s not that unlikeable.


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Zetman wasn’t the gratuitous gorefest that the trailer seemed to suggest it would be.

Rather, it’s Akira, without the shock factor, but still willing to show a little blood and gore when it’s natural. I mean, if you want to kill someone, you’d stab him in the heart, right? There’s no point in pansying around and making little slices across his arms or whatever.

One of my favourites of the season. In fact, the only reason why it’s top in the top-tier category is because technically, I don’t actively seek new episodes.


Just so you know, these are my personal top 4 (well top 5 counting Zetman) for the season.

Sakamichi no Apollon

The homoeroticism in this anime so damn thick. I know that Kaoru likes Ritsuko, but every time I see Kaoru being jealous that Ritsuko’s paying more attention to Sentarou, I immediately think it’s because he wants to be the one paying attention to Sentarou.

But I’m not watching this solely to satisfy my Yaoi needs. Sakamichi doesn’t look the best, animation-wise, but it’s got great characters, humour, and one more thing that most anime gloss over – music. Kanno Yoko on the music? Jazz?

Tezuka Productions put in their best to animate the instruments in full detail too. I don’t think anyone but KyoAni’s tried to do that, and that was way back in 2006 for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu’s rock concert. Tezuka Productions is crazy awesome.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san


(」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/にゃー!RET’S NYAA!

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  New trailer for upcoming drama, “Taisetsunakoto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshietekureta”
Posted by: koda-kumi-bb - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Japanese Entertainment News - No Replies

Fuji TV has released the third trailer for their upcoming Monday drama, “Taisetsunakoto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshietekureta“, starring Toda Erika and Miura Haruma.

The 1-minute-long trailer features gives us a better grasp at understanding the atmosphere of this upcoming drama –

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  Are Ueto Aya and EXILE’s HIRO living together?
Posted by: koda-kumi-bb - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Japanese Entertainment News - Replies (2)

Tabloid magazine “FRIDAY” has revealed a new development in the

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  Toda and Miura at press conference for “Taisetsu na Koto”
Posted by: koda-kumi-bb - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Japanese Entertainment News - No Replies

Today Fuji TV has held the press conference for their upcoming Monday drama “Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta” starring Toda Erika and Miura Haruma.

The drama features a thrilling love story about two engaged teachers, Natsumi (Toda) and Shuji (Miura), at a senior high school and a girl student, Hikari (Takei Emi), that has spent one night together with her teacher Shuji. The overall theme could be described as a “trial of their love”.

It is the first time for both Toda and Miura to act as teachers. Miura had his own way of preparing for such a difficult new role. He said, “I’ve called my homeroom teacher from junior high and bombarded him with questions.” Toda had her problems as well. “The director didn’t give ma a lot of orders, he just told me to be like ‘a good older sister to the students’… Quite a difficult role. The most difficult so far actually,” she expressed hersefl.

Further the actors both expressed their first impression of each other. Miura made the start and said, “She is a great actress who I am looking up to!” Toda couldn’t help but laugh and bashfully thanked him for such a compliment. She then returned the favor and said, “He has a very strong and fresh impression and is very enthusiastic when it comes to acting. Moreover he is very kind and helps me to relax.”

AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko also appears as a close friend and wedding planer of the couple. She actually has been Shuji’s boyfriend before Natsumi. Her comment about the drama: “I haven’t yet completely read the script until the end, but the story is already so interesting that I’ve felt like it is going to be

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  Horikita Maki is looking beautiful in new “Shonen Magazine”
Posted by: koda-kumi-bb - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Japanese Entertainment News - No Replies

The “Weekly Shonen Magazine” has chosen their (quote) goddess Horikita Maki for the cover and main pictorial of their New Year’s edition.

Famous photographer ND Chow has once again worked together with actress Horikita for her photo shoot in Italy and has created a breathtaking pictorial. People who have bought her calendar for 2011 already got a nice taste of how well her smile, beauty and sweetness blends with the Italian flavor.

There often have been rumors about Horikita and ND Chow being item, which would explain why his pictures of her always tend to be a bit more beautiful than those of others.

You can check out the pictures below!


Written for Tokyohive

Posted on Fri, 07 Jan 2011 01:32:46 +0000 at http://www.kawaii-joyuu.com/2011/01/07/h...n-magazine
Comments: http://www.kawaii-joyuu.com/2011/01/07/h.../#comments

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  Nagasawa and Takei in new Lotte Valentine commercial
Posted by: koda-kumi-bb - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Japanese Entertainment News - No Replies

Today it has been announced that this year the aspiring young actress Takei Emi (17) is going to star alongside Nagasawa Masami (23) in the upcoming traditional Valentine commercial of Lotte's "Ghana Milk Chocolate".

As every year, the 2011 edition of the commercial is going to feature Nagasawa and her co-star making their very own chocolate hearts. This time Takei has the honor and it seems like she really wants to find love this year. "It is as if she put a spell on the heart," Nagasawa described Takei's diligence while stirring the chocolate.

Takei commented, "It is my very first Valentine commercial, but thanks to Nagasawa I had a lot of fun at the set."

South Korean girl group KARA's song "SOS" will be used as the theme song.

Unfortunately the commercial won't be released until the 11th.

Written for Tokyohive

Posted on Fri, 07 Jan 2011 04:22:48 +0000 at http://www.kawaii-joyuu.com/2011/01/07/n...commercial
Comments: http://www.kawaii-joyuu.com/2011/01/07/n.../#comments

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  Fukuda Saki talks about her hard-boiled image in the drama “Quartet”
Posted by: koda-kumi-bb - 05-02-2012, 12:15 PM - Forum: Japanese Entertainment News - No Replies

Today TBS held a press conference for their upcoming night drama "Quartet" starring Fukuda Saki and Matsushita Yuya.

Especially Fukada had to undergo quite a transformation for her very first role as hard-boiled young woman. For her role she graces a full-body tattoo, piercings and blond hair. "It feels like a whole different me. You can see a Fukada Saki you have never seen before," she spoke enthusiastically about her role.

"Quartet" is a crime-action drama based on the universe of a novel of the same name by Osawa Arimasa, but with an entirely new story. It focuses on 3 young people with a truly scattered past and a person from the police that hired them to infiltrate a huge crime organization.

It is Fukada's first drama in which she has to make use of weapons. She said, "I've never even hit a person and was really nervous, but I've trained it a lot." About the appearance of her role she added, "At first it felt really uncomfortable, but it was interesting to become a completely different person. People around me even have told me that I look good with the blond hair." Further she revealed that it takes 3 and a half hour to create her full-body tattoo, but she knows that it is all for the sake of the authenticity of her play. She said, "It is a very important element for transforming into my role. The tattoo is like a switch."

For her co-star, R&B singer Matsushita it is the very first time to appear in a drama. "It is my absolute first time, but I'm having a lot of fun." About Fukuda he said, "During the filming it is no problem, but during the breaks it is still difficult for me to have eye contact with a girl. I never know where to look whenever the camera isn't rolling."

Fukuda has noticed the same thing. "During the filming we really are on the same wavelength," but unfortunately it is still getting awkward as soon as the camera is gone. She added, "We actually have a lot in common, we are of the same age, we act and we both sing." For the rest of the month the team is going to Taiwan to film a couple of scenes there and both of the actors hope that they will be able to get more comfortable with each other while being abroad.

As announced a month ago, Kamikawa Takaya and Natsuna are going to complete the quartet.

"Quartet" is going to premier on January 18th and air every night from Tuesday to Wednesday at 1 am.


Written for Tokyohive

Posted on Sat, 08 Jan 2011 02:00:25 +0000 at http://www.kawaii-joyuu.com/2011/01/08/f...ma-quartet
Comments: http://www.kawaii-joyuu.com/2011/01/08/f.../#comments

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