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  [INFO] Jaejin’s Message @ Warner Music Taiwan
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 03:28 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

After FT Island's successful live performance in Taiwan, member Jaejin left a message in Warner Musica Taiwan's Facebook to thank their fans.

Translation: Taiwan!! omg! Thank you. Thank you very much.
The live performance was great and it’s good to see everyone’s happy faces.
The event which the fans did for us was fantastic! I’m sorry for my mistake in Chineseㅜㅜ
I will do well in future.
It’s a pity that our schedule is very short!
See all of you again next time!


Jaejin 대만!!omg!땡큐 너무고마워요
라이브도좋았고 여러분들 행복한얼굴보는게 너무좋았습니다
팬여러분들이 해주신 이벤트도 너무좋았습니다! 중국어틀린거 미안해요ㅜㅜ
앞으로 잘하겠습니다
이번 일정이 너무짧아서아쉽네요!

Credit: Warner Music Taiwan Facebook + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 06:30:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/info-ja...music.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (KYUriShana)

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  [News/Pictures] Song Joongki's Press Conference in Singapore on 26 May 2012
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 02:24 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

As we know, previously Korean Actor Song Joongki arrived in Singapore on the 25th May 2012, for his Press Conference event on the 26th May and Fanmeeting on the 27th May.

During the Press Conference, Joongki showed his dorky side and answered the questions given to him. He said that this is his third visit to Singapore and he enjoys seeing his fans each time he is here.

During the introduction, he misheard Flower Boy as Power Boy and said that Power Boy is Kim Jong Kook, not him. Known for being a pretty boy, he thinks that his eyes are the prettiest. He mentioned that he likes collecting shoes and defines it as a fashion item. He said that he's really lucky because he heard that it's the Great Singapore Sale now. He wants to buy some clothes and shoes. The three things he will bring overseas are his handphone, his cosmetics and money. The sweetest thing he's ever done for his girlfriend is to cook Bean Paste Soup, though his girlfriend doesn't like his cooking. He also emphasized that he hopes to have a love story with girls, not guys as most people thinks that he looks as pretty as a girl.

When asked about his acting career, he said that he wants to try out more acting roles in the future, no particular role or character, he wants to try out all roles. He also said that he loves starring in the Korean Drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” as it was really fun working together with the casts, and he misses them and hopes to work with them again in another drama if given the chance. He just finished filming for the movie Wolf Boy and is going to start filming for his latest drama Nice Guy.

On whether he will head back to MC-ing, he said that he is primarily an actor so he will focus in his acting career in 2012, though he did admit that he misses being on Music Bank and Running Man. Joong Ki says if given the opportunity, he would love to take on emceeing as a host again as he enjoys meeting female groups.

He was then asked regarding the Korean Variety Show, “Running Man”. He was asked, “who do you think is the best running man member?” with that question, fans were shouting the answers all over and the loudest heard was “Lee Kwang Soo!” with that, he responded jokingly 'Kwangsoo??!' and shook his head in a cute way. Joongki: "Kwangsoo is just the tallest man." Joong Ki thinks Jong kook is the best running man. If given the chance he would love to be part of Running man casts once again and his main aim would be to catch Kwangsoo.
He said that he isn’t sure about the others, but he is definitely confident to catch Kwangsoo. He thinks that Jong kook is so fast that no one can catch him. But at least he himself can catch Kwangsoo easily. Most important lesson he learnt in Running Man? Joong Ki says he has to exercise regularly to keep up with stamina but he was thankful that fans are supporting the variety show even though he's no longer part of it.

Most memorable thing about Singapore? He said that he once received “Bak kwa” as a gift from a Singaporean fan during his visit to Singapore six months back. Joongki said "Bak kua was delicious" in English. He said that on his way here, he actually received “Bak kwa” again and was happy and thankful.

He was also requested by his fans to do aegyo and he shyly did the famous ‘buing buing’ aegyo on stage.

On any plans to release an album since he is singing at his fanmeet , he said 'Never!' but if fans request, he may dance. He shared that during Dream Concert last year, one fan's board wrote 'If you dance, I'll sue you!'

Instead of the autograph event, Joongki said that he would want to give each of his fans a hug as a good memory, in the closed door event (which only Cat 1 and Cat 2 buyers were entitled to participate).

Joong Ki will be having many fan interactions and games at his fan meeting so he hopes to see all his fans there.
Check out more pictures of his Press Conference below:

Boom Korea & dkpopnews will be working together to bring you more updates on Song Joongki. We'll be going down later to Song Joongki's fanmeet as well, so stay updated with dkpopnews for more coverage on Song Joongki's stay in Singapore!

Credits: Boom Korea, HallyuSG, Scanationsg
Written by: vannie@dkpopnews

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 01:48:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/newspic...press.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (★Vannie^.-v)

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  [PICTURES] Kahi, Jung Ah, JuYeon & Nana with Haruna Ai-san at Tokyo Girls Collection
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 02:24 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

[Trans fbk msg]

Good evening, this is the After School Staff.

Today, Kahi, JungAh, Juyeon, and Nana participated as models in Girls Award!!

Thank you to those who came♪
The members said everyone’s cheers made them happy also.

At the venue, the members found their favorite food!!
Everyone was eating a lot (lol)

And they took a picture with Haruna Ai-san, whom they met there.

JungAh, who’s in charge of the blog today, will upload the details on FC Play Girlz Japan, so look forward to that♪



Found TBG girls at Girls Award! The interview we conducted with them plus the After School members and Angelica (Michibata) will be aired on the 6/10 episode of TBG!!

Trans: @pledisAStrans Pics: fyafterschool

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 05:30:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture...-with.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (KYUriShana)

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  [NEWS] Battle Between the Princes – Park Yoochun and Lee Seunggi
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 02:24 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

Recently the actors who were first singers are more active than ever before, and among them, Lee Seunggi and JYJ’s Park Yoochun accomplished notable success as actors. They proudly showcase their great acting abilities which parallel that of experienced actors, and made the audience forget that they were first singers.

‘Rooftop Prince’ of SBS and ‘The King2hearts’ of MBC, were aired on the same time and what’s more, they were both dramas containing princes. This competition between the two dramas finally ended on the 25th.

- “Rooftop Prince” Park Yoochun: From Seriousness to Laughter
Park Yoochun took on the challenge of acting two roles in this drama. In order to investigate the murder case of Joseon Crown Princess, Crown Prince Lee Gak, who traveled 300 years, took on the role of Home&Shopping heir Yong Taeyong.

In the beginning, the Crown Prince guards himself with seriousness and strictness. I think it may be Yoochun’s experience in “Sungkyunkuan Scandal” that allowed him to play that role easily. However, as soon as Lee Gak traveled to modern times, Yoochun started his acting that instigated so much laughter and created all the funny events.

As such, Park Yoochun’s Lee Gak was born. Though seriousness and laughter are completely opposite concepts and if leaning towards either of them it would shake Lee Gak’s role, Yoochun didn’t lose his center and showed all the faces of Lee Gak. Thus, through “Sungkyunkuan Scandal”, “Miss Ripley” and now “Rooftop Prince”, Park Yoochun has successfully put on the clothes of an actor.

- Winner is?

Between Park Yoochun and Lee Seunggi, they really played an even battle. Even the rating was fairly similar. However, there must be a winner, thus this round is won by Park Yoochun.
“Rooftop Prince” is a drama that holds characteristics of that of a period, mystery, and romance drama. Fitting Park Yoochun’s multi-faceted acting skills, he perfectly digested Lee Gak’s personality and role.

Translated By: g.fanns of JYJ3
Source: Nate
Shared By: JYJ3

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 06:00:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-ba...-park.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (KYUriShana)

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  [INFO] Last Days of YGEshop’s 2012 YG Family 15th Anni in Seoul DVD Event
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 01:15 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies



01.FIRE – 2NE1
03.GO AWAY – 2NE1
08.어른아이 – 거미
09.미안해요 – 거미
11.열정 – 세븐 (Feat.지누션)
12.멋쟁이 신사 – 지누션 (Feat.세븐+GD)
13.A-YO!+전화번호 – 지누션
14.말해줘 – 지누션 (Feat.다라)
15.나쁘다 – 타블로 (Feat.박봄)
16.AIR BAG – 타블로 (Feat.거미)
17.TOMORROW – 타블로 (Feat.태양)
18.아파 – 세븐+대성
19.LONELY – 세븐+태양+대성+승리
20.OH YEAH – GD&TOP (Feat.CL+민지)


01.연예인 – 싸이
02.흔들어 주세요 – 싸이
03.예술이야 – 싸이
04.낙원 – 싸이
05.와줘 – 세븐 (With.승리)
06.잘할게 – 세븐
07.라라라 – 세븐
08.내가 제일 잘나가 – 2NE1
09.박수쳐 – 2NE1
10.UGLY – 2NE1 (Feat.거미)
11.친구라도 될 걸 그랬어 – 거미
13.하루하루 – BIGBANG
14.거짓말 – BIGBANG
15.천국 – BIGBANG
16.마지막 인사 – 2NE1+거미
17.내가 제일 잘 나가 – GD+TOP+대성+승리
18.말해줘 – YG FAMILY



Preorder period: 2nd May to 29th May 2012

Contents: Photo book 200+ pages, live DVD 3 discs, poster x 1, YG family card x 1

Poster size: 700 x 500mm (poster case included when ordering on YGeshop)

Duration: 247min (English subtitled)

Special YGeshop Event:

(1) All orders made during preorder period will receive YG family photo sticker x 1 set (3 photos)

(2) YGeshop – I like! event

Everyone who preorders the DVD through YGeshop is eligible to enter. Click ‘Like’ for the facebook link, post on twitter and me2day and/or your personal blog about the YG family concert DVD and leave the links (to you twitter.facebook/me2day post) in the ‘상품댓글’ section on the product page seen below

(3) Prizes

Best promotion award: 15th anniversary YG family photo book autographed by either 2ne1/Gummy/Big Bang/ Se7en/Tablo/Psy/Jinusean (1 each for 7 lucky winners)

Excellent promotion award: 15th anniversary YG family photo book – 7 winners

Total of 14 winners

Winners will be announced on 1st June

Preorder Now at YGeshop link

Translated by: cecilia @ceciliase7en

Reposted by: staff@ygladies.com

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 05:00:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/info-la...12-yg.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (KYUriShana)

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  [VIDEO] IU dances to 'Rainism' on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 12:33 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

IU shared her dancing skills in the latest episode of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'.
She danced in Rain's hit song "Rainism". She is wearing red jacket and specs.
Though she's a bit embarrassed, she showed her swag on stage and projected facial expression during the performance.

Watch below:

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 04:00:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-i...o-hee.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (KYUriShana)

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  [PICTURE] Soyeon snapped a gorgeous selca on the bed!
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 12:33 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

T-ara's Soyeon shared a new selca on her Twitter.

The photo was taken before she went to sleep,she said that she will wake up soon and wished everyone a "Good Morning".

Do you like her new selca?
Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 04:10:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture...selca.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (kacey)

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  [PICTURE] L.Joe shares selca with fans
Posted by: SNSD-BoA-Fan - 05-27-2012, 12:33 AM - Forum: Korean Entertainment News - No Replies

On May 26, Teen Top member L.Joe shared a selca together with fans.
On their official twitter account, L.Joe tweeted,

"http://twitpic.com/9pgqpk good bye Malaysia T.T We'll be back soon... to you♥_L.Joe"

Teen Top just concluded their concert in Malaysia.

Source: @TEEN_TOP

Posted on Sun, 27 May 2012 04:30:00 +0000 at http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture...-fans.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (KYUriShana)

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