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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-23-2017, 01:32 AM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
Clifton Ko discusses the concert details with Cheng Ka Cheung over video chat
Cheng Kam Cheung cherishes sharing the stage with Bruce Lee and Lydia Shum
courtesy of mingpao.com
Known as the "Prince of Cantonese Songs", Cheng Kam Cheung yesterday officially announced his retirement and a 4 show farewell concert series in August.

Cheng Kam Cheung's farewell concert will take place between August 28th and September 1st. On August 28th and 29th it will be at the Tuen Mun Town Hall auditorium, on August 31st at the Yuen Long Theatre auditorium and On the 1st at the Macperhson Stadium in Mongkok.

Concert organizer Clifton Ko Chi Sum said that in the past few years, Cheng Kam Cheung worked with him on his Hong Kong concerts. This time, he knew that Cheng Kam Cheung hoped to perform a farewell show while he was still physically able to. To fulfill his wish, he decided to organize his farewell concert. This time will be a real farewell show. After this, Cheng Kam Cheung will not perform another concert.

Ko Chi Sum earlier had a video conference with Cheng Kam Cheung. Cheng Kam Cheung said that he began his music career in 1966. For over half a century he has sung many great songs. His most memorable were his claim to fame YUEN YEUNG GONG and TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER. He wrote the lyrics to both songs, which made him rich and famous. Cheng Kam Cheung in 1966 released his first Chinese record. In 1969 with YUEN YEUNG GONG he mesmerized Southeast Asia and Hong Kong fans. At the time only Mandarin and English songs were popular in Hong Kong, it was quite a big break through. In 1973 he appeared on ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT with superstar Bruce Lee. While Bruce Lee was giving a kung fu demonstration, Cheng Kam Cheung performed TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER. It became the talk of the town.

TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER was written in 1972. At the time Cheng Kam Cheung watched Bruce Lee's film THE BIG BOSS in Malaysia and appreciated Bruce Lee's on screen heroics and might. At home he wrote TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER. As soon as the song was released, it even caught Bruce Lee's attention. He asked Cheng Kam Cheung to meet and chat. At the TVB program ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT's 5th anniversary, the producer arranged for Cheng Kam Cheung to perform this song on the program. Halfway through, someone brought a big cake into the studio. In a bang Bruce Lee jumped out of the cake and laughed. Cheng Kam Cheung would never forget that. Cheng Kam Cheung said, "Bruce Lee even performed on the program. He suddenly turned around and kicked. The tip of his toes passed by the bridge of my nose. Because the program was live, he had to be very accurate with his kick to keep from injuring me. I still remember how strong the force from that kick was." In the end the song brought Cheng Kam Cheung countless opportunities to perform. He was very grateful for and missed Bruce Lee. Thus this time at the farewell concert he would definitely sing the song well.

Posted on Thu, 22 Jun 2017 23:20:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...mbers.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-23-2017, 01:32 AM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

Jackie Chan performs a mid air flip but when he lands he is too busy with chatting that he forgets to take off the safety harness
Mini Yang
Zhang Jingchu
Celina Jade
Yuen Biao
Sammo Hung
courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of singtao.com
Jackie Chan Action Movie Week award ceremony took place last night in Shanghai. Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Chin Kar Lok, Derek Yee Tung Sing, Mini Yang Mi, Yuen Biao, Yuen Qiu and others appeared on the red carpet. Jackie Chan said that every year he wanted to give up, but now it is already the third year. He pointed out that many Oscars went to dramas and were unfair to kung fu actors. He hoped through this award to honor his colleagues. He said, "Kung fu film actors used to know how to fight, now they also have to know how to act. Hung Kam Bo even knows how to edit and direct. Tonight I won't compete in any award of the movie week out of fairness. I hope from now on this event can keep going, even when one day I won't be able to continue." Hung Kam Bo earlier suffered from leg injury. Last night he stated that he wanted to fight for 60 more years so he was considering whether to have an operation or not. Tsang Chi Wai said that earlier the Jackie Chan Stunt Team 40th anniversary event took place in Beijing and he ran into many gold friends, brought back a lot of past film production memories. What everyone talked about over two nights was enough material to make into a comedy film.

Yuen Wah said that he came to support Big Brother Jackie Chan. He was very happy to have this movie week, which enabled the entire Yuen stunt team to have an annual reunion. Would they have any chance to work together? Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu both said that was up to Jackie Chan. Would they help Jackie Chan with new comer instruction? Yuen Wah suggested for new comers to follow them on the set and learn as they work. In addition Emil Chau Wa Kin and his son also walked the red carpet. Chau Wa Kin said that Jackie Chan invited him to sing. Since his son has not walked the red carpet, they brought him for the experience. Would they work together? Chau Wa Kins said that his acting was poor while his son said that his singing was poor. Would they have a chance to work with Jackie Chan? Chau Wa Kin said, "Let's see, we already can learn a lot from attending."

When Jackie Chan landed on the wires he was unable to remove the harness. He went back to the air to chat with everyone. When the Seven Little Fortunes appeared, they got a standing ovation. The event played the song that Jackie Chan recorded for this with the brethren's training footage. Hung Kam Bo was teary eyed. Yuen Biao even had to wipe his tears. Yuen Qiu had to turn around and cover her mouth from crying. Jackie Chan stated that their Master taught them the ways of life. Now that the Master and his wife were no longer with them, he invited the big brother Hung Kam Bo to speak. Hung Kam Bo joked, "You don't need to kiss my ass, actually we the Seven Little Fortunes have been together for already 58 years. We are older than anyone here. To be able to see each other in good health isn't easy at all!"

Last night the Best Action Director went to Dante Lam Chiu Yin. The Best Action Actor and Actress went to Scott Edward Adkins and Yang Mi.

Posted on Fri, 23 Jun 2017 00:04:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...-hung.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-22-2017, 01:20 AM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of singtao.com
Artist Louis Cheung Kai Chung last night attended his new film ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (GUM MAN DA GEUNG SI)'s autograph session at the Causeway Bay hmv. He said tha aside from his first zombie film, he also worked for the first time with his buddy Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and the band Juicyning.

Did Ah Chung have any box office pressure? He passed the ball to Bak Ji. "Of course it's on Bak Ji! He had such a good performance at the Hong Kong Film Award and the Golden Horse Award! His acting absolutely won't disappoint anyone. I am optimistic about the box office because Hong Kong really have a lot of people in the know." Ah Chung will be busy with film in the second half of the year. Ah Chung said, "I am a practical use actor, young people aren't about compensation. It all goes to the family anyway."

Posted on Wed, 21 Jun 2017 21:27:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...-goes.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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  [2017.06.21] FOR THE WEEK STARTING JUNE 17 2017
Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-21-2017, 03:04 AM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies


For the week starting June 17 2017

  Shio Quek (Kwok Sau Yuk)
  Fun Heung Fai Lok
  Weibird Wei (Wai Lai On)
  Justin Lo (Juk Tin) Feat. DOUGH-BOY
  Can : Yut Jet Siu Ju
  Vincy Chan (Wing Yi)
  Can : Ngor Buk Nung Mong Gei Nei
  Sandy Lam Yik Lin
  Can : Gong Wu Man
  Dai Quan feat. Emil Chau Wa Kin
  Sara Liu (Lau Sik Kwan)
  Can : Ngor Guoon Nei
  Hua Chenyu (Wa Sun Yu)
  Can : Yu Ching
  Z-Chen Zhang (Cheung Chi Sing)
  Can : YDong Ngor Seung Hei Nei
  Miriam Yeung Chin Wa feat. Shawn Yue Man Lok
  Can : Man Man Jap Guan
  Andy Lau Tak Wa
  Can : Ngor Hei Foon Seung Nei Si Dik Noi Sum Woot Dung
  Cheer Chen (Chen Yi Jing)
  Can : Keung Bik Jing
  Bibi Zhou Bichang
  Can : Dung Muk Sai Gai
  Joker Xue (Sit Ji Him)
 1 EN
  Can : Uh
  Li Ronghao

Posted on Wed, 21 Jun 2017 05:00:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...-2017.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-20-2017, 10:24 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of singtao.com
Although the knife Alex Man uses to shave his head has not been sharpen, he still has the audience sweating bullets for him.
courtesy of mingpao.com
Best Actor Alex Man Chi Leung and Best Actress Carrie Ng Ka Lai worked together again on the film ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT. Sister Ka Lai said that she has loved zombie movies since she was little, in addition because Man Ji agreed to perform she took the role. Sister Ka Lai said that although the film was about zombies, it actually wanted to bring out the message -- everyone should cherish those around them because you never know what to expect.

Working with Man Ji again, Sister Ka Lai said that she knew he rarely made Hong Kong films. Not only viewers, even she wanted to watch his performance on the big screen. "Man Ji often played heroes on television and in movies. Actually he is even more detailed with his regular people characters." As for her performance, it was different from her past lady of the night and big woman characters. "I played a Cantonese Opera troupe boss lady. Because the loss of both legs I was unable to become a diva, so I trapped myself in the troupe." Sister Ka Lai said that she has loved to watch foreign zombie films since she was little. At night she would dream about being in zombie chases. Now she had the chance to participate in a Hong Kong zombie film, it was a lot of fun. She even wanted to play a zombie.

However Man Ji did not have fun at all. Zombies not only chased him at the market, he also had to block gun shots. At age 60 and with diabetes he even had to put on special effect make up in the scorching July summer for the shoot. Man Ji said, "My special effect make up took half a hour, July was very hot and hard to take. I kept sweating, but the assistant used a blow dryer to dry the sweat and make the make up glue dry faster."

Man Ji has not made a Hong Kong film for years, why motivated him to take the role this time? "I only took it according to my health condition. I have diabetes. Two years ago I spent nine months to brew my own Chinese herbal medicine and the condition has already improved. In recent years I have been living in the Mainland. Last year a film boss through a mutual friend contacted me. I was very happy that my health was able to handle it, otherwise it would have been very tough and unpleasant because I wouldn't have the energy. Yet I really liked this job, having a healthy body to complete the job that I like -- that is the great happiness." working in Hong Kong again, he realized that many at work were new faces. Finally he ran into a gaffer he has worked with before, now he was already a mentor. Man Ji lamented how fast time passed by. It was also the first time he promoted a film nonstop.

In the film Sister Ka Lai and Man Ji worked with Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and Louis Cheung Kai Chung. Sister Ka Lai said, "They have a lot of experience and can be said as outstanding actors of this era. I have noticed their work so I was cautious around them. I didn't want them to overshadow me. In addition Man Ji was an acting spirit, how could I lose?" Privately they were very harmonious. The process was very pleasant. Speaking of Bak Ji calling Brother Man Ji the leader on the set, Sister Ka Lai said, "Nothing gets by Brother Man Ji!" Man Ji revealed that Sister Ka Lai was so convincing in her performance that he worried. "In one scene Ka Lai could not stop sobbing, she almost completely collapsed. The entire set was suddenly silent." She explained that after the director yelled cut, she could not stop her emotions so she continued the performance. After that she felt great, but Man Ji was concerned about her.

Posted on Tue, 20 Jun 2017 21:49:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...ccept.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-20-2017, 10:24 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
Jeannie Chan supports Angela Yuen and Sean Pang
courtesy of singtao.com
Sean Pang Wing Sum, Angela Yuen Lai Lam and Jeannie Chan Ying two nights ago attended the film OUR SEVENTEEN (NA YUT NIN, NGOR SUP CHUT)'s premiere. Chan Ying revealed that before the event she had dinner and went to the karaoke box with Stephanie Ho Ngan Sze and Moon Lau Pui Yuet. How as Ho Ngan Sze? Chan Ying said, "I know everyone is concerned about her, but I hope that we don't keep talking about her illness. The most important is she is happy and resting more. Today she looked very happy and in pretty good mood."

Did the leads Pang Wing Sum and Yuen Lai Lam have any kiss scene? He said no but she said a little. Yuen Lai Lam explained that because she stole a kiss from him. Pang Wing Sum said, "In other words she tempts me but doesn't give me a chance?" Then they even revealed that when they first met, because he did not have make up and grew facial hair and the 23 year old Yuen Lai Lam dressed very young, he felt like her step father.

Posted on Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:02:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...agree.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-20-2017, 10:24 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

Jackie Chan leads the team to plant trees outside
Eric Tsang
Yuen Bun, Yuen Tak, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah
courtesy of on.cc
After presenting flowers to the late members of his stunt team, Jackie Chan breaks down
courtesy of singtao.com
The Jackie Chan Stunt Team's 40th anniversary took place yesterday at the Jackie Chan art center in Beijing. Jackie Chan led the 1st to 8th generation, several dozens of members to a hand printing, tree planting and creating a plaque with the words, "loyalty, filial piety, chastity and righteousness". He also established a foundation in the name of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. Jackie Chan wanted to honor the stunt team's contribution to action kung fu films during the anniversary event.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Frankie Chan Fun Kei and Timmy Hung Tin Mng attended. Artist friends Zhang Guoli, Tony Jaa, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Jiang Wen sent videos to congratulate him. In the 10 minute video, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yuen Biao, Feng Xiaogang and Sammo Hung Kam Bo talked about the Jackie Chan Stunt Team's past.

In the documentary late members of the team including Fung Hak On were mentioned. Tsang Chi Wai was teary eyed after watching. He felt proud of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team and hoped Jackie Chan would continue to spread the Jackie Chan Stunt Team kung fu around the world. Chi Wai said, "I used to call him Jackie Chan or Big Nose, now I call him Big Brother very respectfully." Chi Wai also said that earlier after an all night shoot he took a flight to Beijing. Huang Lei and Sun Honglei bowed to him as soon as they saw him. Actually they watched a Mainland program on which Jackie Chan talked about the Jackie Chan Stunt Team and were touched.

A fan presented the first generation Jackie Chan Stunt Team leather jacket and 90's tee shirt to Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan returned the favor with the latest Jackie Chan Stunt Team tee shirt. Jackie Chan said that he spent a year to prepare the event in order to honor the Jackie Chan Stunt Team's behind the scene effort and contribution. Would his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) succeed him? Jackie Chan said that his son wanted to operate his business and would not be able to take over. The Jackie Chan Stunt Team would. Last year he founded a Jackie Chan Stunt Team foundation. Jackie Chan revealed that Cho Ming's new record will be released in the summer, but denied that Cho Ming and Ouyang Nana were dating. They were reported only because of their fame. He admitted that he had dinner with Nana and praised her character. Jackie Chan also said that Chan Fun Kei has already recovered and has been working for him. Currently he is busy with the CHINESE ZODIAC 2 pre production work.

Posted on Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:40:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...tears.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 06-19-2017, 10:12 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of singtao.com
Xiao Shenyang, Law Chung Him, Zanilia Zhao, Gigi Leung
Law Chung Him, Sire Ma
courtesy of mingpao.com
The film OUR TIME WILL COME (MING YUT GEI SI YAU) two days ago made an official appearance at the Shanghai International Film Festival with a premiere and a press conference. Stars Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo attended the premiere. Eddie Peng Yu-Yan was busy at work and unable to attend and co-star Guo Tao took his place. After the screening, the first audience gave Ann Hui On Wa and the actors four ovations!

For the Hong Kong Hand Over 20th anniversary, OUR TIME WILL COME for the first time adapted the legendary "Great Rescue" to the big screen. In the film the "Fang Lan" represented patriots began a secret mission to successfully rescue several hundred people from Hong Kong. Director Hui On Wai said that the film was very different from the past War Against Japanese Aggression films. "This is history that few know about but should not be forgotten. I was the most touched to see those seemingly ordinary people standing up without regard for personal gain when the nation was in a crisis. They were all great heroes in my heart." Executive producer and Bona Film Group chief Yu Dong was full of confidence in the film's box office.

Zhou Xun said, "The film production took place at actual locations, bringing me a very strong feeling like I was there." She played an important character who rescued the people in the film. She turned from an elementary school teacher to a guerrilla member. "At the time I thought if I was in that era, I believe I would have joined the guerrilla too!"

Zhou Xun's on screen childhood sweetheart Wallace Huo were separated due to the war. He even joined the Japanese military for his undercover assignment, but despite the enormous pressure of special agent duty his character remained naturally elegant. When he had time he would even cook. Wallace Huo said that this special agent probably would like to have the super ability of "eating whatever he wanted and not get fat" the most. "In the film my character loved food, when he had pressure he hoped to eat for a release. How could he not get 'fat'? Many around us have this problem. I feel this is also the 'eating whatever and not get fat' super ability that modern people want the most."

Zhou Xun said that if she had super power, her character would need an invisibility cloak. She said, "Our underground work required a lot of identity changes, so I feel the invisibility cloak would help a lot. With it I can avoid the enemy's detection."

Earlier Taiwan media rumored that Zhou Xun and her husband Godfrey Gao were "divorced". Zhou Xun's office through the media said, "They haven't parted, please pay attention to public welfare." At the press conference Zhou Xun did not seem affected by the rumor, reporters caught that she was not wearing her wedding ring as she did before.

In addition, the film THE MONKEY KING 3 (SAI YAU GEI NUI YI GOK) director Soi Cheang Po Shui and actors Feng Shaofeng, Zanilia Zhao Liying, Law Chung Him, Xiao Shenyang, Gigi Leung Wing Ke, Sire Ma Choi two days ago appeared at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The actors attended a fashion show and a party.

Leung Wing Kei who took the early flight to shanghai did not even have time for dinner. She stayed at the party until after midnight. For two days in a row she had to get up at 5AM to get ready, go to the airport, boarded the flight then was notified that the plane had problems. She had to take an afternoon flight, messing up her rehearsal plans for a Mainland weekend show. "Not only me, Him Jai suffered the same fate as me!" Leung Wing Kei said.

Posted on Tue, 20 Jun 2017 00:55:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/06/201...rs-in.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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