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  [2017.10.18] FOR THE WEEK STARTING OCTOBER 14 2017
Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 5 hours ago - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies


For the week starting October 14 2017

  Can : Fai Lok Yi Chi Yung Yau
  Eric Chou (Chow Hing Jik)
  Can : Wor Mui Tin Gong Joi Gein
  Gin Lee (Lee Hung Ngai)
  Can : Jui Lui Hung Chun
  Sara Liu (Lau Sing Kwan)
  Can : Gup Gau Jung
  Robynn and Kendy
  Can : Hak Sik Sing Kei Yi
  David Tao (To Jit)
  Can : Na Yau Jum Yeung
  Timmy Xu (Hui Ngai Jau)
  Can : Bei Gor
  Fish Leong Jing Yu
  Can : Sam Sun Sam Sei Sup Lei Toh Fa
  Natasha Na Ying
  Can : Oi Yu Hung Hei
  Weibird Wei (Wai Lai On)
  Can : Yuet Gor Shan Yau
  Aska Yang (Yeung Chung Wai)
 5 GO
  Can : Yut Jik Jau
  Can : Gor Yiu
  Li Ronghao
  Can : Shui Loi Jin Yuet Guong
  Eason Chan Yik Shun
 2 I DO
  Karen Mok Man Wai
  Can : Dan Lik Jup Jeuk
  JJ Lin (Lam Chun Kit)

Posted on Wed, 18 Oct 2017 05:00:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...er-14.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-16-2017, 11:30 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
The Janice Man Wing Shan, Shawn Yue Man Lok and Max Zhang Jin starred new film earlier represented Hong Kong at the Busan Film Festival. The film had many underwater fight scenes, which unexpectedly stumped martial art expert Zhang Jin. He said, "Fighting under water and on land are completely different. I never thought about how tough shooting underwater would be. Fighting without oxygen tank was very hard." Yue Man Lok also felt that making a fight scene underwater was tough. "The director told me that day, he wanted to shoot the underwater fight scene under a Number 10 Storm Signal. I told him that absolutely would not be easy. When I watched the film I was very surprised how successful the director's shoot was."

Posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 01:32:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...fight.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-16-2017, 11:30 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of singtao.com
Martial art actor Conan Lee Yuen Ba retired from film and returned to the U.S. after his mother was diagnosed with scleroderma with only a few months to live. He took care of her and even studied medical nutrition therapy, but his mother in the end passed away in an accident.

Lee Yuen Ba had no regret. Because he was close to his mother, he would even give all the money he made from his movies to her. Although he took care of his mother for 17 years, he stated that he cherished this very valuable period of time together. He also said that he never thought about returning to film because he would be even happier if he had 10 more years to be with his mother. Yet he believed that Heaven brought her in so she did not need to suffer anymore. Thus he was determined to return to China and Hong Kong to make movies. He also wrote a script about his mother. After Feng Xiaogang's wife Xu Fan read it she asked to play his mother. He said, "I feel she is suitable for the Mama role. She also helped me a lot. I am very grateful. This time this film will be shot in Hollywood, it will be the first film of my comeback. I will produce, write, star and direct. It will be about the process of Mama's treatment and my study of medicine. However the resulting positive energy has to let the entire world know that Mama is the most important. I also wrote a lot of scripts. Because I want to be fully prepared for my return, if anyone want to work together I can."

Speaking of many film industry action actors like Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Max Zhang Jin, Lee Yuen Ba admitted that now few actors could fight. Thus he was very happy to still have this group of outstanding action actors. He hoped to have a chance to work with everyone.

He recently participated in the Juno Mak Chun Lung new film SONS OF THE NEON NIGHT (FUNG FOR SAN LAM), he praised him for how serious and attentive he was at work. Despite his young age he was very talented, humble and friendly. Thus the collaboration has been very pleasant.

Posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 01:53:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...lm-to.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-16-2017, 11:30 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of singtao.com
Kara Wai Ying Hung and Stephy Tang Lai Yan two days ago promoted their new film at the Busan Film Festival. Sister Siu Hung thought that the jewelry she brought from Hong Kong vanished. As she was about to "report" it to the sponsors and discuss compensation, she discovered tha she threw it into the hotel trash can.

Best Actress Wai Ying Hung two nights ago attended the new film THE BOLD, THE CORRUPT AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Busan Film Festival world premiere. Although she has won countless awards, Sister Siu Hung was absent minded. She looked all over for the jewelry that she brought from Hong Kong. She not only turned her luggage over but also called the airline to ask if she left it on the plane. As she was planning to discuss compensation with the sponsor, her door bell rang. A hotel service clerk said, "There was a bag of jewelry in the trash can, we are confirming if the client discarded it?"

She said, "This trip has been tightly scheduled, in two short days I had to be interviewed nonstop all over. In my mind was only fast, fast, fast......I would only mess up like this in a moment of chaos! Haha!" In the past film festival guests have stayed at this hotel. The clerk might have often run into such incidents and thus confirmed this bag of "trash". Sister Siu Hung thanked this dutiful clerk with a pair of hand crafted earrings that she bought in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Film Award winning new director Cheung King Wai's first feature film SOMEWHERE BEYOND THE MIST (LAN TIN BAK WON) also held a premiere there on the same day. Two days ago was lead actress Stephy Tang Lai Yan's birthday. Director Cheung prepared a Korean seafood feast and a birthday cake to celebrate. Stephy revealed that it was her first birthday at Busan and she was both excited and fulfilled. "To be able to watch a movie that I have looked forward to for a long time on my birthday, my feelings are very complicated -- like blue sky doesn't necessarily have white clouds, but after white clouds is definitely a blue sky. This is the best birthday present this year!"

Posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 01:53:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...ry-in.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-15-2017, 11:43 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

Stephy Tang pretends to kiss director Fire Lee
courtesy of on.cc
Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Gaile Lok starred in a new film. Director Fire Lee (For For) earlier surprised Stephy with a birthday cake and confetti cannons. She said that For For was the first man to give her a cake this year.

Playing a killer in the film, Stephy said that making the new film was like fighting zombies. "Everyday we shot until dark. We were even locked inside a hotel, killing from the morning to the next morning."

Posted on Thu, 12 Oct 2017 00:09:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...-dark.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-15-2017, 11:43 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc[2017.1
Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, and Eric Kot Man Fai earlier worked on their new film on location at a Jordan motel. Ah Kot wore a red leather jacket while Ah Chung had long hair. Many pedestrians looked on and even joked that they were going to get a room for menage a trois! Chau Sau Na said that she was only giving them direction to the motel, then she was responsible for "eating peanuts" as she waited for something to happen.

Posted on Thu, 12 Oct 2017 00:14:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...c-kot.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-15-2017, 11:43 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of singtao.com
Bosses like Yu Dong and Albert Yeung have a lot of confidence in Dante Lam
Eddie Peng says that the new film is elevated from OPERATION MEKONG
Zhang Yi reveals that Dante Lam risks his own life for the film
courtesy of on.cc
The film OPERATION RED SEA yesterday held a Beijing press conference. The production cost reached 500 million yuan RMB. Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin even admitted that this was the most difficult time n his 20 year film career. Director Lam said, "At sea we had to find helicopters, our battleship. No matter how you shoot it, you would run into difficulties that you would never imagine."

Yesterday Director Lam Chiu Yin and the "Dragon Strike Team" members Zhang Yi, Du Jiang, Huang Jingyu, Jiang Luxia, In Fang, Guo Jiahao, Wang Yutian, Henry Mak, Hai Qing, Wang Qiang and screen writer Feng Ji attended.

The film was about the Chinese navy's strike team when it received an order to evacuate Chinese nationals overseas. After OPERATION MEKONG, Bona and director Lam Chiu Yin worked together again on OPERATION RED SEA to display the modern navy of China.

Lam Chiu Yin jokingly complained about how tough his life has been, as he would always run into very difficult film productions. "I have been making movies for 20 years and I have never suffered so much. It's true, maybe it was the first time for you but it was the first time for me too. Actually when we shot there, I felt that I faced some difficulties that we would never imagined. My producer in particular truly risked his life, as he almost collapsed there. So this is truly a very memorable film in my life."

OPERATION RED SEA cost 500 million yuan RMB. He said, "I believe everyone can see from the video and completely sense the difference between OPERATION RED SEA and OPERATION MEKONG. The last time I felt OPERATION MEKONG was a story that was told on land. This time I truly saw how great the sea was. At sea we had to look for helicopters, our battleship. However you wanted to shoot it, you would run into difficulties that you would never imagine. Everyone had to spend a lot of energy to be able to shoot many great visuals. The team used 6 battleships at sea. Everyone departed from different ports to be together, then we had to arrange how to use the helicopter to shoot these scenes. We had no experience at all . I have something important to tell the several bosses, although we spent a lot of money I didn't go over budget."

The host then invited the strike team members to discuss the production. They admitted that the process was rather painful, but because of that they became even stronger and were thankful for this valuable and memorable experience. Huang Jingyu revealed that while shooting in Morocco life was particularly "simple". He said, "All the dishes tasted the same, leadng everyone to cook for themselves. After the shoot my culinary skills improved."

Posted on Thu, 12 Oct 2017 00:16:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...s-500.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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Posted by: raymond_lam_tvb69 - 10-15-2017, 11:43 PM - Forum: Hong Kong Entertainment News - No Replies

courtesy of on.cc
Gordon Lam Ka Tung in the horror film ALWAYS BE WITH YOU (SEUNG JOI NEI JOR YAU) played a worker who stole of Ava Liu (Yu Kiu)'s burial offering to gamble. The most memorable scene was when he opened the coffin to take the wedding braclet. He said, "Yu Kiu's makeup was pretty fresh and pretty scary. In our traditional the ghost in red is fierce, with a grudge. When you see it you wouldn't feel fun at all and have a lot of pressure. Actually I would be scared and uncomfortable." Because the character was a gambling addict, he put a lot of thought into his costume including the color scheme. He even wore down the new clothes to make them look old. Even he asked the team whether there was no funding so he had to wear old clothes. He admitted that this time the production was tougher. "In one scene the debt collectors were chasing me. I didn't use a double or padding. The director wanted me to tough it out, I had to get it done in two takes."

ALWAYS was the 20th anniversary commemoration of the film TROUBLESOME NIGHT (YUM YEUNG LO). Ka Tung participated in the classic film series for the first time and stated that he did not watch the previous films before the shoot. "Particpating for the first time would give me a sense of freshness. I am afraid that watching the previous 19 films would affect my performance." He also said that the director kept looking for change. Each horror film would have a different style. Thus it probably would not have a lot of similar scenes from before. As for becoming the new "ghost king", he said that he could not possible surpass Simon Loui Yu Yeung. Instead he wanted try comedy and romance. After almost 30 years n the business, Ka Tung actually rarely made horror films. "So far everyone feels I have made mostly crime films. I think I have made less than four or five horror films, but I worked with Yau Lai To on several. Although I didn't have a lot of experience, we definitely had chemistry. He gave me space to perform, which would make an actor the happiest." He admitted that during the shoot he would have discussions with the director in hopes of bringing the character to life.

Would Ka Tung consider horror films as a producer? He said, "I always feel horror films are hard to make because the atmosphere is very important. I don't know how to deal with the script either. TROUBLESOME NIGHT was so successful, we can't be too different. I have to talk with the producer about how to make it. I want to challenge myself a little too."

Posted on Fri, 13 Oct 2017 00:42:00 +0000 at http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2017/10/201...ghost.html
Author: noreply@blogger.com (hktopten)

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